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Dragon and temple

Game over - project ending

The main part of the Dragonbane ended with the game Thursday, August 3rd, 2006. The organizers returning home would like to thank each and everyone who made Dragonbane possible - players, volunteers and partners. The project will continue for a while still, there's a lot of material that needs to be processed. Physical props will be sold and documentation made. The website will be up and running and even updated still for some time to come. Pop in from time to time for more background material and so on! Players can keep post-larp contact via NEST.

Photos from the game

Some selected photos from the game can be seen at, print quality pictures will be made available later in the media section.


Those wishing to feature Dragonbane can download print quality pictures from the website, under For media. We can also help finding interviewees. Any media wishing to feature Dragonbane, please contact our media coordinator Niki Bergman, or +46-739-78 44 12 for details.