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The Dragonbane project has more than a hundred people working in different teams within a variety of fields. If you wish to have more information on any subject, please write an e-mail to our info team at Our primary project language is English, but we'll try to answer e-mail in other languages.

Dragonbane is a co-operation of several different organizations.

Join us

If you're interested in joining the Dragonbane team, please fill in the sign up form. Unfortunately, you need to fill in game related questions aswell, but checking the building or help boxes will get you located to the right groups from the beginning. Please fill in your skills and what you'd like to help with thoroughly, that we we can direct you to the right team faster. So have patience and welcome to the team!

Official Project Address

Dragonbane Project
c/o Kalle Kivimaa
Lummetie 26
FIN-01300 Vantaa
tel. +358-40-5479523
irc: / /join #dragonbane