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The village

From an early start it was clear that it’s hard to find a medieval looking village that can house up to a thousand participants even temporarily – the village would need to be built. Since the participants will live the lives of their characters in those houses, every part of them must be convincing – and comply with modern building regulations!

The village houses have been designed by professional architect Petri Ilmarinen and building professional Mikko Eskelinen using ArchiCAD architecture software provided by M.A.D Oy. The houses will be built without a permanent foundation but are designed to stand for several years for other game organizers to use.

The villagers of Cinderhill will live in basic open longhouses with thatched roofs and chimneys and cooking facilities at each end of the house. These longhouses will shelter 60-80 people each.

Since Cinderhill is a religious community, the temple will naturally be the centre point of the village. This huge building is where the priests and acolytes work and pray.

There will also be smaller houses including storage houses, houses for scroll paper making, lavatories for villagers and the village bakery.

The village will be built using tools from the Dragonbane partner Bahco. Other village buiding partners include for instance Viilukeskus and Kemppi. The chimneys of the longhouses are designed and custom-made for Dragonbane by Kastor.

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