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The Dragontamers of Gethar

The Dragontamers of Gethar are a motley collection of the brave and adventurous. Those dissatisfied with the norm from all walks of life and nations often find themselves in the hinterlands of Gethar, one of the few strongholds of primal wilderness and marauding nightmares left next to civilization. Their life seems to be one of adventure, glamour and excitement. In truth it can be that it is also mud and rain, limbs lost and comrades dying. For solace they find comfort in the villages they protect and visit. They are often welcomed with free room and board. When their services really are needed spontaneous celebrations can consume a village for several days.

They travel in small groups, usually no more than twelve, though hardly ever less than five. Some of them are warriors like in the tales of old, with weapons large as life and valor their shield. Often enough nowadays they are clever rogues, wits and guile the tools of their trade. Clever and daring hunters, they are like wise fools, drunk on life, baiting death with a maniacs grin on their face. Their reward is the gratitude and reverence of the people they have sworn to protect. Their reward is saving humanity from the beasts of its nightmares, and the admiration they are given in return for ridding the lands of monsters.

At those times when more than one group answer to a village’s need, the champions of each group fight in a mensur duel to first blood. It is a ritual of bravery and skill, intended to measure their strength against each other without anyone getting killed. A persons worth is shown both in the capacity to mark the opponent and in being able to do this without grave injury. The victor gets first rights to the prey and to glory and honor – glory and honor being the breath and blood of the Dragontamer. Their personal life stories can be read from their tattooed skin, wild with vivid imagery of the horrors they've overcome and the mensur duels won. While any formal hierarchy is impossible during gatherings or chance meetings those most decorated are given the respect and precedence their deeds deserve.

It's impossible to describe a normal day for persons whose purpose of life seems at equal turns ludicrous and heroic. One day they will be sitting in a light drizzle attempting to start a fire. The next they will be locked in a struggle to the death with beasts who steal children in the night. The next they are in the mayors own villa sampling fine wines and food. The next they are tied to a stake slowly roasting over a fiend’s fire.

It's a living, as they say. And there is nothing like living through the confrontation with a dragon. Gold upfront and the largest collection of tamers seen in generations. It's a chance to live that can't be missed.

The nature of Dragontamers - warmongers or saviors?

Dragontamers are to some degree fame seekers and to some degree real heroes, but they are also opportunists. They free oppressed villages from the monster threat, but wouldn't risk it if there was no reward and reputation to gain from it. There are of course exceptions, the ones who are truly altruistic. None of them are warmongers however - it is deeply rooted in their culture (spread all over the vast "society" of tamers) to never hurt a fellow human being. To do so would be unbearable shame unbefitting a hero. Therefore they have never plotted in or participated in any of the major conflicts in the past. Again, there are individual differences. All this will be presented in detail in the upcoming factions materials.