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The three factions of Dragonbane

The Factions section describes the three different kinds of characters present at Dragonbane. These descriptions are kept on a general level, not to reveal too much about the other factions to spoil the game for the participant. The groups have just met, thus they'll have to fins out more during the game. More detailed information about each faction will naturally be available for the participants of each faction.

The Dragonbane saga explores the themes of greed, community, peace and wealth at the price of personal freedom. Dragonbane tells us that what you own, owns you, and how peace and wealth at too high a price is worse than poverty. As the story begins, the first chapters of our saga are already written.

The religion of the community of Cinderhill was painfully put to question with the sudden appearance of a Bronze Dragon. In the frightful struggle that followed, the Bronze Dragon was killed by the newly arrived strangers, and their beloved Divinity, the Red Dragon, was also hurt. Now the people in the village will have to struggle with the ending of their way of life. They will either fight to remain secure in their traditional way of living or face the uncertain future of freedom.

The Witches of Nathar seek a Dragon for a secret employer. They do this in pursuit of their righteous fight for acceptance and freedom from persecution within the Empire of Nathar. They will strive to obtain their goals without regard to how this will impact anyone or anything.

The Dragontamers of Gethar seek glory and gold. They have been given gold by the Witches and promised more for a job done. When they see how their vainglorious search for wealth and prestige is destroying the people they are sworn to protect they have a choice to make: to remain true to either their ambition or their honor.

As our saga turns the last few leaves, the magic ink that has written the chronicle to this point starts to fade. The pages turn blank. What will be said and done in the final chapters is for the participants to decide.