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The starting point of Dragonbane is the meeting of three very different groups – the people in the village Cinderhill, the Witches and the Dragontamers. In this section you will get to know the different peoples that will be in the drama you are to create.

The Cinderhillian themselves have been living a few hundred years in their secluded village. The Dragontamers and the Witches arrived a few days before the start of the game

The texts begins with a prelude that just is intended to catch some of the expectations and tensions that fill the groups approaching Cinderhill.

Then you will get a more detailed description of the three main factions that are partaking in Dragonbane. Based upon that description you will be able to choose what faction you would like to join. The Witches and Dragontamers come from Nathar and Gethar. Although the distance between the countries is not very big, there are great differences in climate and living conditions. This means that the cultures of these two groups are very different. The Cinderhillians have created a world of their own, being neither Natharian nor Getharian.

Besides the descriptions of the three factions, you also need an overview of the world of Valenor. There you find historical and geographical information that will deepen the background for your character.