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Construction - village and dragon

This section will show some of the building the Dragonbane team is doing for the game.

For Dragonbane, a village will be built in the forest of Älvdalen. The village will remain on the game site for atleast a few years, for other game projects to use aswell, should they wish to do so. The largest single object in the game is a huge temple, as a center piece of Cinderhill.

Dragonbane will also introduce a rather special character to the game, the Red Divinity, aka the dragon.

Latest building news

The building season is now over for 2005. Four buildings in the village of the Cinderhill now have their foundations and walls ready. The last roof truss has been raised and some of the roof has been layed. Our building team this summer has mostly consisted of Finns, Swedes, a troop of Italians, one Belgian and one Dane. The building will continue in May 2006. Building schedules will be published when ready. If you want to help out building Cinderhill next year, we'd be happy to have you join us! Please send an e-mail to A few days or a whole month, we’ll be grateful for any time you can spare. All builders get food and lodging at the building camp for the duration of their stay. The really dedicated builders get a free game!