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Dragonbane is a larp that is unique in many ways. We have wanted to avoid many usual larp costumes solutions. Our instructions for costuming are quite scrict, but we have tried to provide our players with sufficient information, including patterns for the costumes. Some of the garments are more difficult to make than others, but we strive to make the task of a participant as easy as possible. We recommend you go through this section with thought. Patterns and sewing instructions are available as .pdf for downloading and printing here. If you have any questions please write them to the appropriate thread on the forum.

Image of Cinderhillian costumeImage of Dragontamer costume Image of Witch costume

All the factions in Dragonbane have different relations to appearance, clothing and form. Preferred forms, cuts and colours differ according to culture. In our game there are no big differences between genders. Thus almost all of our designs are for both men and women. Some patterns are for female body, some for male, but the general appearance is the same. When you are making children's clothes, mimic the adults' costume and make it a little simpler. We recommend the participants to explore and think about the possibilities of deepening the experience of the game by finding cultural differences in outward appearances too.

When you are making your Dragonbane costume, please keep the following basics in mind:

There are things that you shouldn't include in your costume at all: