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The Dragontamers live in roaming bands of heroes. Their apparel describes both their practicality and their heroism. A Dragontamer's chest should be bared whenever possible and always during duels. Because of cold weather or other reasons like that the chest can be covered. Female tamers wrap cloth around their bosom if they wish for support or coverage. About 10 cm wide cotton band is most often used for this purpose.

Dragontamers show their group and band colours and signs in scarfs and other apparel. All the members of a group wear similar scarfs in a similar fashion, around one arm or the head, for example.


Dratgontamers can use armour and other protection as long as it doesn't cover the chest area. The armour should be made using various techniques - the look is supposed to be a little scrappy and unfinished. Because of the risks of the profession many tamers protect their clothing from fire by drenching their clothes or using materials as fireproof as possible. The tamer style looks for inspiration in hunters, warriors and trappers, with a little heroism added.

General features

Body image

For a Dragontamer the body is a tool that makes the heroic deeds possible. It can also be used to show bravery, by adorning it with tattoos, for example. Clothing can also be used to emphasize or exaggerate the bearer's size and strength, espacially the shoulders and legs. This is achieved by loose and thick clothes or armour. The honourably uncovered chest then reveals the tattoos depicting heroic scenes.

Sample Images

Dragontamers duelling