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A short description of shoes

This is only a short introduction to our shoes policy. Pictures, patterns and further instructions will be added to our site during the spring.

Shoes are the most important piece of a player's outfit. Pay attention carefully to the materials used in your shoes and their soles in particular. Also remember to have a good supply of comfortable socks. Don’t neglect your feet for the whole week!

All Dragonbane shoes should be made of leather, even the soles. In some cases you can hide rubber soles with tar or something similar, but make sure that your solution is believable.

The three different Dragonbane factions have evidently different shoe designs.

The Cinderhillian leather are ankle-length. The tips of the shoes are round or slightly narrowed but not pointed. Shoes are fastened with a scale-shaped cut and the backs of the shoes have dragon inspired decorations. These details are not mandatory but serve to give the shoes a nice extra touch. The villagers, young people in particular, can also use sandals.

Dragontamers wear leather boots that are above all sturdy and practical. They have a supportive foot and legs reaching up to mid-shin. The soles should be thick and they can even have heels. In addition to heavy boots the tamers can also have shorter shoes. Make sure though that the design is robust and the soles are thick. Shorter shoes should be used with heavier leg gear such as armour.

The Witches wear slim boots that reach a bit below or above the knee. The design is more slender and fits the contours of the feet tightly. To achieve this, use a variety of cords and lacing. The bootlegs shouldn't be folded but rather attached e.g. to the belt to keep them up.

A witch can also have shorter, ankle-length boots with separate gaiters. These are often attached to the belt. The material for the gaiters can be either leather or sturdy, layered cloth.