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A witch concerns herself (or himself) with magic and spirituality. The body is only an awkward reminder of the physical reality. The only purpose of clothing is to protect the body from weather and the eyes of other humans. The cloth-making methods and the fabrics used can be very unconventional. Same garments are used for decades and patched with whatever has been at hand. Since looks don't really matter, the result is ugly, baggy, dirty and ill-fitting. A witch and her shadow often have identical clothing. The model and materials should be the same, but the patching and mending can differ.

The witches have two common features in their being: they never show their faces to stangers and they all are attracted to gold. The face is covered for the sake of non-witches but many only show their face to their shadow. The cover can be a scarf wrapped around your head, a leather mask or only a simple but covering veil. Gold is used in witches' magic and can be attached to the clothes or hair. Witches don't carry arms, but most of them have whips. The whip of a witch is a very personal item which she carries with her all the time.

General features

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For a witch her body is only an uncomfortable tie to the physical world. It has its functions, but most often it is only a burden. The body - especially the face - is something very personal and its fragility should be covered from others. Since witches dislike water and most often clean themselves and their clothes with sand and ash they and their apparel can be very dirty and soiled, but this rarely matters to a witch.

Sample pictures

Air Witches