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Designing your personal witch wardrobe

A witche's apparel is always unique and each of her items has a history of its own. A garment may have been sewn together from various pieces. The original fabric may have been found somewhere and afterwards the cloth has ceen mended with whatever has been at hand. The clothing is almost never properly finished. Edges are stiched to keep them from fraying too much, but otherwise there are no real hems, let alone decorations of any kind. There are no real buttons or buckles, only wraps and ropes.Witches' shoes are usually longs boots which reach up to the thighs. Some also use shoes together with separate gaiters, which can be attached to the belt to keep them in place.


The witches often wear dark, but never black, since it's the colour of the hated wizards of the Exalted Tower. Colours the witches do use include browns, greys, indigo and pale blue. Red can be used in small details.


Witches use a wide variety of fabrics, but most witches prefer thick materials with a rough texture. Cotton, linen, wool, hemp, ramee and leather are good, so is silk if it's not the most common Thai variety. Synthetic fibers can't be used because they catch fire too easily.

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Decorations and embroidery

The witches have little need for decorations. They might attach circles of copper thread to their clothes. Stitching is usually in different colour than the material and often quite thick and visible. Sometimes it can be neat but not a real decoration. Witches love gold and most of them attach gold coins and pieces to their clothes and hair.

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