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Hygiene and sanitation

The lakes and rivers in the game area can be used for swimming in designated areas. For washing and bathing the village will offer wooden crates that can be used by up to 10 people at the time. The travelling character groups will have access to tent saunas for washing.

There will be no water closets in the game. The village will have common lavatories, similar to military latrines. The ladies will have one separated lavatory with the possibility to dispose of offgame sanitary towels.

The travelling groups will at game start have access to open air lavatories in the forest. If and when those are filled, the participants can move the lavatory to a new spot.

Offgame camp

A few kilometres off the central game area there will be an offgame camp. This is where you come in case of an emergency or if your character dies. The offgame camp is not, however, to be used for being offgame under other than these circumstances.


The game fee is 125 € (euros) regardless of how many days you participate. The last day for a participant to sign-up will be April 30th, 2006. A character will not be allocated to you until payment is made and registered in Dragonbane accounting.

Game fees for minors are just the same as for adults. The game fee for children less than two years old is 0 €, which means that we will not provide any services for children. Parents must personally take care of children aged less than 2 years.