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Short overview of the Älvdalen commune

Älvdalen is situated in the Dalecarlia region of Sweden, a region made famous by painters such as Anders Zorn and Carl Larsson. The Älvdalen Commune can be said to consist of three parts: the Realm of Mountains, the Forest Realm and the Rivers’ Realm. The meaning of the word ”Älvdalen” is not ”Valley of the Elfs” – how much we would like that – but ”Valley of the Rivers”. Älv is an old Swedish word for river.

It is a place of great beauty, and matches our vision for the game world. There are great forests of untamed wilderness – moose, bears and wolves have been sighted – filled with lakes and rivers, where you can walk for days and find ever more alluring views.

The game area is placed in the southern part of Älvdalen, the Rivers’ Realm, although the game area mostly consists of forest. There is one big lake at the northern part of the area, and several very small lakes inside it.

Älvdalen is one of the places in Sweden where the old pagan beliefs in the Aesir Gods remained longest: One of our contacts tells about an old woman who remembered her grandparents coming home from church on Sundays – only to go out behind the barn to worship their heathen idols.