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Our base camp ( also called boot camp) is situated in the old school of village Åsen, 10 kilometres from the game area. All participants as well as press and other visitors will arrive into the boot campe before they are permitted to enter the actual game area.  All players will also check out through boot camp after the event.

The postal address to the bootcamp during the building camp (May 1st-August 4th) is:
Åsen 4470
S- 796 90 Älvdalen, Sweden


The bootcamp has electricity, water toilets, lecture and workshop rooms, offgame items storage space, showers and a Swedish sauna.

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The boot camp also acts as the event's logistic hub. There are two daily bus connections to Mora from the village. At the moment there are no shops in Åsen, but we'll try to re-open the village store for the duration of the building and the game. Both the shop and the bus stop are situated within walking distance of the school.

Moving between bootcamp and game area

All players are moved to the game area using means provided by the Dragonbane tema. No personal cars or other vehicles can be used, since there is no parking space near our event location. Individual transportation and other special arrangements can't unfortunately be provided.

There is a car parked at the reception are just outside the game area, which can transport players to the boot camp, shoul someone need medical care or decide to quit the game. Except for medical reasons, you can't visit the boot camp during the event and return to the game afterwards. Going back to the camp effectively means that your game is over.

Parking space

There are only very limited parking possibilities in Åsen and none at all in the actual game area. If you arrive in your own car, you will very likely have to leave it some distance away from the boot camp building.

Map of the game region

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