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The Game Location in Älvdalen

Älvdalen is situated in the Dalecarlia region of Sweden. It is a place of great beauty, with great forests of untamed wilderness, filled with lakes and rivers, where you can walk for days and find ever more alluring views.

The game area will be at Älvdalen commune in the middle of Sweden.

The closest place for shopping is Älvdalen, about 30 km from the game area, and the closest town is Mora, another 40 km away. Mora will be the central nexus for transporting players to the game, picking them up at the railway station.

The region also have a language of its own: Älvdalish, an utterly incomprehensible form of old Norse, more related to Icelandic than to Swedish. The people in Älvdalen have recieved Dragonbane with great hospitality and generosity. Their support has been a decisive factor for choosing the game site.

Our base camp "boot camp" resides in the residential village of Åsen, in the old school of the village. All traveles, participants and press are to arrive there. There is no point of going to the game area directly as we'd only turn you back to bootcamp.

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