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For Player

In this section you should find all the information you need in order to prepare for Dragonbane as a participant; how to sign up, how to make your costume, how to get into character and what the game is actually going to be like, both physically and psychologically.

What is Dragonbane?

§ Dragonbane is a game of morality. The people in the game are trying to get to grips with big and sudden changes in beliefs, outlook, ambitions – where do you stand when everything crumbles? Will you embrace change or cling to the old ways?

§ The dramaturgy of Dragonbane is based on culture clash and diplomacy: Groups, subgroups, sub-subgroups and individuals finding new and old allies, betraying them, keeping/not keeping their word, maneuvering in uncharted waters (new situations) driven by different kinds of motivation: faith, greed, loyalty, fear, hope.

§ The main story of Dragonbane is decievingly simple: Who, if any, will capture the dragon? Remember, the game is not in the story but in the telling.

§ Dragonbane is striving for high production value. The world will be believable, everything in sight will be "real". There will be only humans and a dragon in the game. No other races or creatures.

§ Dragonbane is set in a fantasy world which makes a lot of magic possible. The magic in DB is created by SFX, thus it will be "real" – you do not have to pretend that you witness magic.

§ The game starts _after_ the big fight. The players wake up to a day of mourning, chock, chaos, sorrow, despair, trying to orient themselves among the shards of crushed illusions. It is not too much to say: This game is a model of our time and world. Will the players – a subset of our planet's citizens – find ways to live together when the old times, beliefs, world orders and hierarchies have broken down?

§ Dragonbane characters will be created by the players in close cooperation with the organizers. You will get a "game personality" based on your preferred gaming style. You build your character on that skeleton by email discussions with character coaches. At the same time you will also develop your own "plot" – that is, how are you personally going to handle the challenges of the new situation? Are your old ambitions (the way you thought before the big fight) still valid, or do you have to find new goals in life?

§ Dragonbane is a game of total immersion, meaning the game goes on 24 hours a day, for five days. There is no off-game in the game area. You do NOT break the game except for emergencies.