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Dragonbane Organizers

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Main Organisers

Timo Multamäki

Producer of Dragonbane

Timo is in charge of the entire Dragonbane project, but Finance and the most important offgame matters are the parts on which he is most concentrated. His fame as organizer rests upon some very ingenuous larps, among them the Wanderer-project, three major games with 200 - 600 participants. Also he founded The Role- and Strategy Game Association of Southern Finland 1993. He is an entrepreneur who have started several companies, in the electronic business, and Zorgon Petterson Group which is doing commercial larps in Finland.

Christopher Sandberg

Creative Director of Dragonbane

Christopher is former Studio manager of the Interactive Institute’s applied research studio Game. Currently he is researcher in the Trans-Reality Game Laboratory, responsible for the Strategic Research Theme on Game Sustained Life. The game design of Dragonbane is a core part of Sandberg’s research.

Christopher’s earliest game project of note was the widely recognised 1000 participants Nordic larp “Trenne Byar” in 1994. The project changed Nordic larping and introduced many ideas that are standard today. “Hamlet” in 2002 is another well-recognized project, which pushed the limits of both the form and the participants, with live action role-play, film and theatre modes of interaction (together with Martin Ericsson).

Heiko Romu

Head of Dragonbane Set

In Dragonbane, Heiko is the head of the Production Design team, and has a hand in the Effects team. He is a professional pyrotechnician, quite competent with technology.

His larping experience is based on around fifteen games, in Finland, Russia, Denmark, Norway, England.

Niki Bergman

Head of Communication in Dragonbane

Niki is working as a news reporter and program hostess at the Swedish Broadcasting System Radio in Stockholm, Sweden since September 2004. Earlier employments include reporter work for leading newspapers, television and radio stations in Sweden and Finland in Swedish, Finnish and English. Niki also does freelance work as a journalist and translator.

Niki's larp organizer history includes Haavena II (medieval fantasy, 200 + participants in 1998) and the Wanderer-saga (cyberpunk saga, three major games, 200 - 600 participants in 1996 - 1998). She has been playing LARP since 1996 in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Belgium. She has also participated in some 40 + weekend games.

Antti Oksanen

Head of Technology in Dragonbane

Antti is the new manager for the technology team, so if you have any questions about technology or other stuff, please contact him about it.

He’s a 26 year old university student (at least in 2004) and interrested in everything, probably trying to be a renaissance man, to be able to know everyting there is to know.

Elge Larsson

National Coordinator Sweden and International Coordinator

He’s the analyst who since his first larp -94 has been trying to find out what larping is all about. He has used psychology and religion as tools to understand larping, and is of the opinion that larping is the old initiation mysteries from antique times revived. Larpdom has returned to the beginning of art, culture and religion, and is now on its way to redefine reality.

Besides larping he is a professional translator with some 200 books to his name.

Misha Rousine

National Coordinator Israel

Born in Russia (or rather USSR), now live in Israel.

He’s been larping since 1991 - playing, writing, organizing games and teams, producing etc.

He’s always felt that LARP societies are far too isolated and we often have to reinvent simplest things, and are condemned to make the same mistakes. For that reason he’s been trying to find different groups worldwide, new ideas, new directions. Scandinavian role-playing is quite unique and so is Dragonbane project.

Davide La Greca

National Coordinator Italy

He’s a professional organizer, specialized in game fair and larp. 1986 he started playing RPG and organizing Convention and Game tournaments.

He got to know larping in london in 1989, brought it back in Italy and founded the first Italian Larp Association, Gilda Anacronisti. In 1999 he founded GRVItalia, the only national association that makes larps all over Italy.

He wants to expand larp theory in Italy, and bring Scandivian-like larping into his country.