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Our view on larp

Live-Action Role Playing (larp) games are a form of entertainment that is slippery to define. This is because around the world it is used to describe activities ranging from action/adventure scenarios with hundreds of people in a forest to five-person murder mysteries in a house. Some people defend that they are "only games" because they often have rules, player statistics and other measurable aspects. Others want to emphasize that larps can be "performance art" due to the improvisational and storytelling aspects. The Dragonbane project respects these various opinions but was created without any one of them dominating the other. We have taken methods from around the world and put them together to create the most invigorating larp yet! More importantly, and we are sure everyone will agree, we have kept having fun both during the creation of and during the event itself as the highest priority.

For many, larp represents an experience similar to that found in living history and re-enactment. The joy of larp is that is provides a free and emotional participation that can really bring rare experiences to life! When people get actively engaged in a fictional narrative, committed to the character and the world of the larp, it can create unexpected happenings of deep personal relevance.

Never before have so many people from so many countries come together under one banner to create a larp of this magnitude. Differences in language and culture aside, we are launching new methods in character development, immersion techniques and gameplay design. Dragonbane should unite all participants under the shared vision, dedication and commitment to evolve this form of expression. And, of course, to have a great experience every step of the way!

We'd recommend one to read more about Nordic play style to know what is ahead. This is especially recommended for the Central European, UK and US participants as our perspective and definitions of larp are varying.