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Plot and intrigue at Dragonbane

Writing 'plot' material for an event of this size is a challenging task, even with a large team of writers. There are many approaches and styles to writing and even thinking about plot. Here is one of the possible perspectives.

The main plot (what you might call the meta plot) is the dragon and what it represents - the inhuman collectivist ideal. On the face of it, the village wants to protect it, the tamers want to the kill it, and what the witches really want is something they aren't talking about. Needless to say, the dragon may also have its own opinion on the matter. Naturally there is more to it than that – none of the factions have a single leadership and all have their own internal divisions and goals.

Beneath this (in terms of scope but not importance) are a range of other plots which will involve a number of players. Some are about Political moves, others about hidden conspiracies. Some plots may be focused on one culture, other plots transcend such limits. It's simply not possible to go into any greater detail without giving too much away, but rest assured there are a great many things set in motion. Beware of things that go bump in the night.

Beneath this are the more personal level plots. Every player works with their character coach who will develop ties to other characters - family, friends, rivals, lovers. Your coach will use the NEST system to find other player characters for you to have ties to and, working with you, develop your character to fit in with the setting. You may well find yourself too busy to with your personal issues to worry about trying to save the world around you.

Beneath this are the internal conflicts, moral challenges and crisis of faith within your own character. Your coach will help you develop your character into something you are happy with and that allows to explore such elements if you are up to the challenge.