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Style of play

The styles of larping vary a great deal from country to country and from system to system. Differences in traditions regarding number of participants, genre, application of rules, involvement of organizers and so forth creates equally different opinions of what makes a good larp. To some, fantasy and action take the high seat while to others, larp means exploring the human nature and innermost psyche.

The action-based larps tend to have many staged battles, minor plots and many different races. The more psychology-centered larps usually have fewer players and tend to evolve around political, spiritual and/or ethical questions that focus on explorations of the self through the game. Dragonbane will be neither of these extremes alone, but a blend of both - a fantasy game in a fictional world where the participants will also experience a range of intricate human emotion through immersion and meaningful interactions.

The heroes of our story are not the wielders of titanic swords and awesome magic but those folk who encounter life-altering situations and have the strength and courage to come out the other side. The treasure of Dragonbane is not the chest of riches but a human experience that can't be measured in gold. There is no princess to rescue, though you might find that the person saved in the end is you. There are no evil sorcerers to kill, though you may find that unquestioned beliefs can be just as insidious.

As a participant you will enter a murky and grimy and utterly strange reality, and will leave having changed the future of that world forever.