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About Casting and Characters

There are a lot of ways to make good Characters in a larp. In some countries the Character is a one-page pre-written text about background, objectives and relations, given to the participants when they arrive to the game. Others leave the whole character development to the participants themselves. Some organisers write extensive essays about the Characters and then choose the participants best suited for the part. Because Dragonbane invites players from all over the world we have developed a new method that seeks to take the best from all approaches.

The character creation is based on a model developed by Christopher Sandberg, one of Sweden’s more acclaimed larp organisers, as a part of his research at the Trans-Reality Game Lab. “I want to make the Character second nature to the participant,” Christopher says “Dragonbane will sneak up on you during the preparations. When you are there the world has changed into Valenor and you into a Valenorian.”


To put it simply you will be given a series of straightforward questions when you sign up for the game. These will be used to make an initial choice of where you would best get what you want out of the game. You will have a great say in what to play.

The initial casting will yield for you a faction you will belong to and a personality skeleton for your character. This is the mental framework of your character that suits the event and your play style as determined by your answers to the questions during sign up. It is NOT a finished pre-written character. During the many months before the larp, this character will be developed by you, in dialog with us organisers and other participants.

This development will take place through a series of questions and tasks that you will find in NEST once you have signed up for the larp. Under the Character tab in NEST you will find more information on how the character development will proceed.

In the end all participants will be an integral part of the Dragonbane drama, and have characters that they have helped develop.

To play a Character at Dragonbane

Your Character will be a living, feeling, thinking individual from Valenor. This means that during Dragonbane you are supposed to act according to your Characters mentality, instead of your own private notions. To stay in Character is sometimes difficult, and if the game is too much, take a step backwards and sit for your self, refueling. This way you will get some respite, while other participants are not disturbed in their immersion.

A very good way to explore your Character is to set up simple mini-larps at home, with participants that your Character knows. These could result in memories, or just in insights into what is right and wrong for your Character. Note however that Dragonbane has a design with layers of secrets and intrigues, and therefore you must always discuss any ideas with us organisers, before inventing new dramatics with other participants.


The background material will consist of short stories describing events in the recent past, shared by your Character and others close. This common history is the source material for your role-playing. During the preparations it is the task of you and us organizers to develop your unique take on these events. You are also encouraged to develop relations and personal history with the Characters of other participants in your faction. We have chosen the shared events as main background material, because they put focus on the events that effects the here and now for most Characters. Instead of describing events from your childhood or faraway lands, we have highlighted your take on the drama at hand.