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How to participate in Dragonbane

Does Dragonbane sound interesting? This is what you do:

  1. Sign up by filling in the form that can be found in this section or by clicking the Sign Up! button in the right menu of this website. Please take some time to fill in the information, since this will determine the character skeleton you're assigned in NEST.
  2. After signing up you should receive a confimation e-mail. NOTE: There has been problems in confirmation email, as some email providers consider our confirmation email as junk... We're working on this.
  3. Pay the game fee by bank transfer to one of our national bank accounts. You'll receive the banking information in your confirmation e-mail. The payment instructions can also be found in this section, under Sign up!
  4. You will receive a character skeleton after your payment is registered in our system. At the same time you'll be allocated a coach who will help you develop your character.
  5. Make travel arrangements and start preparing for the game ..!

Questions? Please e-mail