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Languages in Dragonbane

Dragonbane will be a gathering for people from many countries, speaking many different languages. These language differences should not become barriers, which means that the participants are expected to role-play the existence of different languages as something natural in-game.

The game will be played in English. Most participants of Dragonbane should know the basics of English, but less adept English speakers are naturally welcome. Participants speaking no English at all are also welcome, though they might experience quite a challenging game.

If you find that your knowledge of English is not sufficient, you can try whatever other languages you know, to see if you can find common ground with the other players. If you have difficulties in communicating, you can of course look for an in-game translator, or try sign languages or whatever. Such things make for interesting role-playing.

The in-game reason for the existence of several languages is twofold.

Language in Valenor is a bit like star signs in our world, some try to find common factors between speakers of different languages, or believe there's something bigger into it, but nothing's been proven, and most people don't believe it's a big deal.

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