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International Workshops

The Dragonbane project is made possible through a series of larger meetings on specific topics, set in different European countries. So far Sweden, Finland, Russia, Norway and Italy have hosted gatherings.

The purpose of having different locations is to give organisers and participants a chance to come together and learn about different larp cultures, while making Dragonbane a reality.

Participants are encouraged to take part in these seminars and workshops!

If you like to organize a Dragonbane Summit in your country, this is certainly possible too. Please contact your National Coordinator at

Upcoming meetings are:

21.5 - 23.7.2006 Building camp in Älvdalen
Please study our Building camp pages and sign up!

7-9.7.2006 Workshop in Århus, Denmark
Contact Mads for details,

25.7 - 7.8.2006 DRAGONBANE, details

September 2006 Project Evaluation Seminar, location open

These Dragonbane meetings have already been held: