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How to pay for Dragonbane

Here you will find the necessary information on how to pay the game fee for Dragonbane. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to

Basic financial details

The game fee is 145 € (euros) regardless of how many days you will participate. The last day for a participant to sign-up will be April 30th, 2006. You won't be allocated a character until we have received your payment and it has been registered to our accounting. The latest payment date is April 30th, 2006.

The game fee for minors is just the same as for adults. We don't provide any services for children under 2 years (they can come to the game but must be taken care of by parents), so we don't charge a fee for infants. (That is, the game fee for children younger than 2 years is 0 euros.)

At the moment we have two bank accounts, one in Finland and one in Sweden. You can use either one. Please see also our payment instructions.