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The only accepted method of payment is direct payment to either of Dragonbane accounts. Please follow payment directions given by the signup confirmation.

It typically takes anything from couple of days to a week until your payment is seen in Dragonbane accounting systems. During this time period there is nothing the Dragonbane team can do for the transaction or your account or anything else to that matter. There're no ways to speed up the transaction process. You can check your payment status from your 'my account' page, on which you're supposed to submit real life info, character info and other questions and comments.

There will be a 30-day money back guarantee until April 31st of 2006. If within 30 days and prior to last of April 2006 a participant decides to not participate a full refund will be made. After 30 days no refund is available. However, exceptions will be made if a participant is unable to participate due to documented medical and legal reasons (i.e. jury duty in the US ).

There might be additional charges for participation in certain workshops related to the game. Participation in such workshops is voluntary, but also defines which types of characters you can play.

We will naturally pay back participation fees if we decide not to approve someone. We will not promise to approve anyone, e.g. the organizers have the right not to accept a person without having to justify that.