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When and Where

Dragonbane will be played in Älvdalen, Sweden, July 27th - August 4th, 2006. Participants are expected to arrive at the game location and register at bootcamp latest 18:00 on July the 29th, if they want to participate in the game start. Players can start arriving as early as 25th of July. The time between 25th to 28th will be checking, workshops, preparations and enriching the social contacts of your character. Due high demand, there will be one day pre-game practise session on 29th of July. Game start will be at at latest sunrise July 30th. You can choose an appropriate game length depending on your time allotment. Be aware that you'll need to be in the game location at least one day before your planned game start.

The game end is at sunrise of 3rd of August. After the game end there will be first cleaning up and then time for debriefing and socializing.

August 4th is reserved for packing and cleanup of the game area (which the Dragonbane expects all participants to join as well). Any participants left on August 5th can join the non-organized socializing and further clean up and packing of props.

NOTE: Click here for game schedule.