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How to interact with the Dragon

Please note: This is out-of-character information


First of all, give respect to the Dragon. It is, indeed, a 15-ton machine. You would go aroung an excavation truck carefully, would you? Also, your character should be in reasonable awe. Not even Cinderhillians see dragons every day. Think you are meeting the Prime Minister! :)

The drivers (there is one driver moving the chassis and one actor running the limbs and voice) have a 360 degree view through cameras, and also see infra-red. But their vision is still not perfect, and accidents can happen. Look out for youself!

Do not tie or net the Dragon in a way you think the drivers cannot see - the machine is very powerful, and may topple trees - causing an accident. Worry about hiding your character´s attack from the Dragon, not the drivers! (The actor mainly looks only through the Dragon´s eyes - we simulate tactile sense mostly with cameras - and will play his character honestly.)

Please do not use off-game safety as an in-game weapon against the Dragon. If you stand still in front of the machine, the driver must stop. A real dragon would stomp over you! Give the player inside the Dragon a chance, for he´s trying to interact with your character as best as he can, just as someone playing a human-sized role. You wouldn´t hinder the game of others when their character is small!


You can discuss with the Dragon (Natharian is recommended, but who can say what languages dragons understand?). It may talk to you. You can walk around it, you can touch it, you can ride on its back (although then you will see the engine cooling vents:) - but dragons are touchy, don´t get too intimate!

You can fight with the Dragon. You can fire missile weapons at it, and you can hit it with a dagger or a halberd. The skin is thick rubber. However, please try not to cause real damage (think that the Dragon is larping too!). If your character's doing is able to hurt the Dragon in-game, the drivers will notice that and act accordingly.

Only one thing - please do not aim your attack at the eyes (or do it very carefully as you would with a human character)! We can´t make eyes both real-looking and armoured.

The fire breath is a special effect that the SFX Coordinator may very often limit because of safety reasons. So please do not expect the Dragon to perform fire stunts for you!

The Dragon can also breathe poison. This is simulated as orange smoke and acrid smell. If you are left inside the cloud, your character dies immediately. If wisps touch you, you get nausea, sickness, start vomiting, convulsing and fall unconscious depending on exposure. Long-lasting effects to your character may occur.

Affecting the Dragon is possible, but remember that its powers are superhuman. Any magic-sensitive person can see the Dragon´s magical aura, and it´s BIG.

When the Dragon uses magic on you, it either does that in a way not possible to mistake or - really! - uses the word "Veritas" like all other magic users do.