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The land of Valenor is as dangerous, if not more so, than the lands we live in. Injuries can take a variety of forms, from cuts to disease, from magic to dragon fire. To simulate violence and it’s after effects Dragonbane has chosen to use 4-grade system that promotes the theatrical feel of the consequences of violent actions while leaving the participant unharmed. The 4 grades are unhurt/healthy/well, hurt/sick/unwell, injured/severely diseased and defeated/dying/coma. While having multiple “headings” for each of the grades may initially seem confusing they are used to illustrate that violence and it’s consequences are not limited to straight physical damage.

Unhurt, healthy or well

Being unhurt, healthy and well takes into account your physical, mental an emotional state. Someone who has not been afflicted by illness or violence of any sort is considered unhurt and able to perform all daily actions unencumbered by pain or weakness.

Hurt, sick or unwell

When a person has been affected by direct physical or magical violence, gone days without food or water, disease or intense mental trauma is considered hurt, sick or unwell. When you are hurt, sick or unwell you are in visible pain and are reluctant to move or perform strenuous tasks. In such a state you need rest and friendly care. A person is considered physically hurt when they receive a single blow or cut. The pain of the injury, like a real life injury, resides in the part of the body damaged. A cut leg will be difficult to walk on, an injured arm would need to be put into a sling, etc. Magical afflictions, sickness and mental trauma can take a variety of forms that affect both your mental and emotional state. Someone magically imbued with passion will seem livelier, someone with a cold will suffer headaches, someone who has witnessed a traumatizing event will be in shock, etc.

A person who is hurt, sick or unwell will recover with decent meal and a good night sleep. Effects may linger, such as twinges of pain, fatigue and flashbacks but the person is considered unhurt, healthy and/or well.

Injured or severely diseased

A person who has been wounded consecutively twice and unable to immediately get away or who has a difficult illness is considered injured or severely diseased. A person who is injured or severely diseased is either crying in pain or mute in agony. They are incapable of moving by their own accord or taking care of themselves. In such a state a simple nights sleep will not heal the injury or ease the effects of the grave illness. The patient requires the attentions of a healer. If left unattended all night the patient will slip into a coma (see below.)

If the patient is treated by a healer and receives a restful nights sleep will become hurt or unwell and will continue recovering as described under “Hurt, sick or unwell”.

Defeated, dying, in a coma

A person targeted by the vilest of magic, poisoned or who receive more than two consecutively wounds will be defeated by their affliction and fall into the sleep of the dying. Someone so incapacitated is immobile with the exception of applicable spasms. They cannot eat, walk, talk or perform any action. Depending on the type of injury that led to this state the person may be able to see with blank staring eyes and hear that which happens around her. However, if a person is healed from this state they will forget the moments that brought them down and will not recall what happened during this grave state.

It takes months for a person to fully recover from wounds of this severity. A person in this state who is treated by a healer and experiences an uneventful night will be considered injured or severely diseased, as appropriate, the next day. They will suffer all the effects described under “Injured or severely diseased”. That is, a person treated on the second day and who receives a restful nights sleep will become hurt, sick or unwell as described above. However, a person who has been this close to death will not so easily shake off its grip. For the remainder of the larp the person’s healthiest state will be as described under “Hurt, sick or unwell”.


 Should you incur the wrath of the Dragon and are burned you bypass the previously mentioned healing rules as you are dead. See “Death & Ghosts”.