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Adapting the book for a larp

The larp Dragonbane is based on the book ‘Myrskyn aika’ or ‘The Age of the Storm’, by Finnish writer Mike Pohjola. Pohjola’s fantasies and special tone places the larp in a world, where some elements resemble the transition era of the late Iron Age, and others borrow from the late Middle Ages.

You will be able to download a selected translated excerpt of the Finnish original. This is meant as inspiration, a pool to pull out stories from.

Dragonbane is an adaptation of the book, not a straight parsing. When you make a larp based on a book it’s like making a film based on a book – you leave some parts out and you add other things. Most things however are kept true to the original.

The countries that concern Dragonbane directly are Nathar and Gethar. The larp itself will be put in the remote location of Cinderhill, way up north in the world Valenor. While Cinderhill has little to do with the many cultures and creatures of Valenor, the book will give you knowledge of the faraway tales. The lies and truths to tell around the campfire can be found in here.

Note that Dragonbane will be about humans and a dragon – none of the other strange beings in the book will be present during the larp.

The translated excerpt is available for downloading below, in German, Italian, English, Estonian and French.

Die Zeit des Sturms.pdf
Lora della tempesta.pdf
The Age of the Storm.pdf
Tormi aeg.pdf
L'Age de la tempête.pdf

All translations were supported by Finnish Literature Association.

You can buy the book in Finnish at the webstore (page in Finnish only!).