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Gethar is a poor but tough kingdom situated to the north of Nathar. Since Gethar is an austere region and farming is not worthwhile, there are no big towns there and the population is scattered. In Gethar one must be prepared to defend oneself if necessary because of the barbarians of the north, and thus Getharians are known as fierce fighters. Gethar is ruled by King Leivius I Kassandros. The symbol of Gethar is a red wolf on a green background.

Even in the old days of Nathos Gethar regarded itself as a rather independent area. There is a saying in Gethar: ”I believe it when the emperor comes”, meaning ”I don’t believe you”, because it was said that the old emperors never dared to set foot in Gethar. It is with a certain glee that the Getharians use this old phrase nowadays, when there is a new emperor in Nathar; they don’t expect to see him soon either.

Gethar is separated from Nathar by a system of waterways that leads from the vast forests in the east to the Sea of Cruinne in the west. It consists of (from the west) the Deep Strait, the Wolf Sea, the Ador Strait and the Sea of Shadows.

Since not many humans live in Gethar, there is an abundance of wildlife, bear, wolf, elk, reindeer, wolverine and others. People live as hunters or fishers, sometimes doing a little pirating on the side. Life in Gethar is hard, but the people is proud of their ability to survive. They have a slight disdain for ”southerners” who they think lead an easy life in luxury, surrounded by evergreen gardens. There is a fair amount of trade across the Deep Strait, with fur and monsterhides going to Nathar, grain and weapons going to Gethar.

The only thing the people in Gethar fear is their frightful Thunder God, to whom they give prayers and offerings of meat and mead. The invocations to this God is made up of  complicated rites, endless chantings and big fires made to create lots of smoke, which they believe will make a stairways for the God to descend. The Witches of Nathar who also believe in this Thunder God, have their own versions of these rites. The Thunder God is regarded as an enemy of all dragons.

It is in Gethar that you find most kinds of fiery monsters, dragons, salamanders, pyras, hydras and many more. This might depend on the volcanic nature of the land, with many hot springs, geysirs and smaller volcanos. Also there are some orcs living in the mountains, but they seldom venture close to human dwellings.

Thus it is in Gethar where Dragontamers from all over Valenor have gathered. Besides dragons of all sizes that  ravage the land in Gethar, you find the fearsome Pyras which many regard as the most loathsome of creatures. Pyras are red-skinned monsters who live in the Abyss underneath the earth’s crust. Most pyras have the same shape as men, but their appearances vary from malformed animals to giants with wings. Horns, red wings, cloven hoofs, tail, long claws and red hair are all common characteristics of a pyra. Usually pyras walk among men only in bad intentions: hunting innocent souls or trying to conquer Valenor. Many pyras try to steal human or animal body parts and join them to their own bodies – that is how pyras grow in strength. The priests can protect men from pyras and some wizards can command them. Pyras are also called devils, demons and hornheads. The leader of the pyras is the evil god Dugankis.