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The World of Valenor

In this section you'll find some basic information concerning the nationalities represented by the factions. This information includes geography, history and current events. This information provides a bare-bones framework of information to assist in fleshing out the persona you will take on during the event. While many names, dates and facts will be thrown at you, you will not be tested on them. The important thing is to gain an idea of the background and culture that may have some influence on your persona.

Cinderhill is a remote village separated from Gethar by mountains and from Nathar by a sea. It's an egalitarian community with inhabitants which are genuinely happy with their lives. Working towards the common good under the auspice of the Red Divinity, life moves with a tranquil beauty.

The Kingdom of Nathar is the largest nation created out of the ashes of the Empire of Nathos. The inhabitants live in a feudal society though the self-titled Emperor has built numerous roads and provided trained healers to the people. Witches are feared, hunted down by Wizard-Inspectors of the Exalted Tower for practicing magic illegally.

The Kingdom of Gethar is the northern outpost of civilization. Individuals and villages are often separated by forests, rivers and mountains which have bread a strong and independent folk. With this lack of civilization and its poor resources Gethar and the surrounding mountains and forests have become home of monsters and terrors of all sorts. This has given rise to the Dragontamers, self-stylized protectors of civilization.

Original map by Mike Pohjola