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About Dragonbane

Kicking off in Swedish Älvdalen in late July of 2006, Dragonbane will be the first truly pan-european larp ever organized. Attracting around 300-400 participants from many countries it will also be a very influential event in the history of larp, joining the efforts of a hard-working production team and the dedication of an international player community. Thanks to committed volunteers, academic partners, and industry sponsors, we are creating a roleplaying game the likes of which have never been experienced before. Roleplaying always deals with imaginary reality and Dragonbane will push the limits of how believable fiction can be.

This is not a modest project. We aim to make Dragonbane the perfect fantasy game, and we aim to make Dragonbane better than any other game we have participated in as players or organizers. And we will not settle for "as perfect as possible". Organizers from all over Europe have met to give birth to the ideas that are Dragonbane, and every organizer represents different larp backgrounds and experiences and we are intent on evolving larp by picking the best from every larp culture represented. We have the combined experience, the combined visions and dreams, and the combined courage to take on a task as grand as the Dragonbane project.

Do you have the courage to take part?

Welcome to Dragonbane!