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Sewing bee (Trina)

Dragonbane Diary
Sunday, June 18th, 2006
Jyväskylä, Finland

By public request I opened my house for players to come from near and afar. We had nine people (three of them children), five sewing machines and one over-locking machine in a small wooden house of some 60 years. So you can imagine the hustle and chaos that created :) Luckily the sun was shining the whole weekend (it was 25-28 degrees
Celsius!) so we could use the yard as an extra working space.

Outi (Dalkia) was our supervisor in the actual sewing work. Thank you Outi! We could not have done it without you. Outi came over with her son Lauri (Merchant) and two machines and a box filled with threads and canvas.

Tonja (Chey-Maro) hand-stitched decorations on the clothes. Wow, she is good at drawing! I hope her decoration patterns will be published soon, they are amazing!

Elias, Arja’s son, now knows how to play the game "Dragon and the lambs" and I am sure he will beat all of you :)

His little sister Pihla, 8 months old, learnt to stand up on her own. She was so motivated to see my two cats she just had to get up.

So, many new discoveries were made. I myself am now as much the wiser what comes to sewing Cinderhillian outfits. So I am very confident that I can manage the next sewing bee on my own. So welcome to my home in July, anyone needing assistance with sewing!