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Non-player newbie on site (Matias)

Dragonbane Diary
Wednesday, July 19th, 2006
Älvdalen, Sweden

I’ve promised to write a Dragonbane diary entry since the day I arrived, that’s 12 days ago. Today I finally got a grip of myself and sat down in front of the computer. As I said I’ve been here for almost two weeks and I have over a week still to go. Time has flown. The first day I arrived at the bootcamp with Erica, we were given ten minutes to change clothes before going to the building site. There we ate and after lunch I was “given“ to two Spaniards. Desperation and homesickness crossed my mind a couple of times, but that evening during dinner I forgot all about home (sorry folks) and actually looked forward to the days to come.

For a person who has never larped (played live roleplaying games) this place is a house of amazement. Every day you encounter new things and learn more about the world of Dragonbane, about the history, the people, the dragon and the cult around it. The amount of things surrounding this project is so massive that I guess three weeks is not enough to learn everything.

The other thing that amazes me every day is not the amount of money, but the amount of volunteer work hours used on this project. People from all around the world are working to make the world of Dragonbane a reality. At home three weeks of work seemed like a noble and priceless donation to the project, but here I soon found out that it’s actually just a grain of sand.

I’ve got to do things I have never done before such as peeling wood, cooking for 30 people, sitting on top of a roof with a nail gun and so on. I feel like I have entered a completely different world where everything is possible. But although I do new things during working hours, the best part of the day is the evening: Everyone is eating together, going to sauna, playing games etc. Sometimes we have something special for the evening, like yesterday Morgan taught us Cinderhillian yoga (it has an actual name which has something to do with the dragon, but I don’t remember it as I have learned about a thousand new words here).

This experience has been excellent so far and can’t see why the last week wouldn’t be as great. It has been and is great to be a part of this project and I really feel like my work here is appreciated, though I’m not the strongest and I know nothing about building. I’m like an apprentice keen to learn and the Spaniards have actually renamed me Anakin. When I leave, I will leave many friends, skills and experiences richer.

Matias Stubbe