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Flu and machine breakdowns somber crew mood (Timo)

Builder's diary
Wednesday, August 31st, 2005
Åsen, Sweden

In the morning Timo still felt ill, outbreak of flue. Mikko and Sören weren't feeling well either. After a long morning tea session, we pre-cooked lunch and went to Cinderhill. Elge was ordered to write the missing texts, thus he stayed at the school.

During the day Timo & Sören built the supports for longhouse #1. We had the nicest weather you could think of. Work proceeded well until after lunch the accidents started to pile up; Timos Gerber (knife) broke, 5 mins after the nail gun and a hammer "died", then later on chainsaw loaned from Tomas decided to break. Luckily the day was coming to an end aswell ...

We had an insurance chap visiting in Cinderhill, to estimate the networth of houses for them to be insured.

After two hours of packing and cleaning in Cinderhill we drove back to Åsen where the engine of our Pajero died. There we also noticed that we still had a lot to clean ...

Timo Multamäki