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Moving a ton of Dragonbane stuff (Johannes)

Dragonbane Diary
Friday, June  2nd, 2006
Supply run Espoo - Loimaa, Finland

Once again there was a need to collect supplies to the storage in Loimaa. Since many of the team members are in Sweden right now, I was left without helping hands. Most of the stuff had been collected to Timo's parents garage and therefore the packing of the trailer took most of the time. Not that I would not have gotten lost on every location where I was going, but that I blame on the lack of a good co-driver and map reader.

First I was supposed to get a stack of tarpaulin. The person who was supposed to know about the order was just having his lunch break, so there was some waiting, but otherwise it went rather swell. Too bad the stack was not as firm as it looked and fell on the way to Timo's parents, but that just meant a bit more arranging.

At their place there was a bunch of stuff to load onto the truck. It was not too easy, but luckily most of the stuff was meant to be carried alone. The large server rack was not fun, but it could be pushed to the load alone. The large wooden chest was the problem being heavier and smaller than the rack. It would not have been too much of a problem with two persons to lift, but I did not think it was an option (too bad Timo's father came from work just after I got the chest onto the load). I could have emptied the chest, but with no good, clean place to put the contents, I decided to use some binding ropes to lift it. I finally got it on without accidents, though it took some time. All in all, I spent quite a few hours with the load.

I tried to load the middle-axle trailer as well as I could, but because I thought the empty sacks would not weight so much, I put them in a single stack. It made the centre of gravity too high and the trailer was restless. Silly of me, but at least I learned a lesson, once again. After that I had to fix the load a few times, having it unevenly balanced in a few ways (because I had no interest to get all the stuff out and then back in, it was tricky to get the balance right). While arranging, I broke one sack of crushed soy and about 5 kg of goods were lost, but eventually the trailer was stable and safe. At midnight the car and the trailer got safely to Loimaa.

Nearly a ton more goods for Dragonbane.

Johannes Honkasalo