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Dragonbane Diaries

Disclaimer: These are the personal notes of Dragonbane project members. They portrait the develoment of the project from a subjective point of view and should not be considered as  descriptions of the project as a whole. Enjoy!

14/08/06: Just a flesh wound (Sanni)
19/07/06: Non-player newbie on site (Matias)
07/07/06: Slow Burn (Ben)
05/07/06: It's a Dragon! (Essi)
04/07/06: The first day off in a long while (Elin)
03/07/06: The voice of Dragon forming (Janne)
02/07/06: A great time over at the boot camp! (Cajsa)
26/06/06: Trying out Swedish medical care (Antti)
18/06/06: Sewing bee (Trina)
16/06/06: No rest for the wicked (Antti)
15/06/06: Loading a truck with Cinderhillian objects (Sanni)
14/06/06: Dragon parts coming together (Sanni)
07/06/06: Cooking people (Antti)
06/06/06: Covering the dragon (Sanni)
03/06/06: Dragon voice matures (Janne)
02/06/06: Moving a ton of Dragonbane stuff (Johannes)
27/05/06: Finns invading my home (Love)
25/05/06: Dragonbane arctic base moving south (Tinsku)
24/05/06: Dragon chassis completed (Heiko)
10/05/06: Character creation in Swedish summer (Ben)
07/05/06: Good sauna after busy workshop weekend (Tomi)
23/04/06: Hydraulic control board in ultrasonic bath (Heiko)
23/04/06: Älvdalen supply run (Antti)
20/04/06: Danish promotion tour finishing off (Morten)
17/04/06: Easter hatchling (Heiko)
16/04/06: Finished Dragon mask and plotting (Morgan)
28/03/06: Tired but happy after ceramics workshop (Sanna)
19/03/06: Magical spoilers at chemistry workshop (Sanni)
15/03/06: Back to basics or How I started as a character coach (Vilma)
14/03/06: Surprising visits (Anna)
14/03/06: Big change from overseas (Nathan)
13/03/06: Bits and pieces (Nathan)
10/03/06: Fantastic week in Älvdalen (Tinsku)
10/03/06: Pitching up and down (Janne)
07/03/06: Real larp making? (Timo)
07/03/06: Starting young - Dragonbane meeting in Umeå (Kerstin)
23/02/06: A full week of Dragonbane work in arctic (Timo)
21/02/06: Coach team shaping up (Morgan)
20/02/06: Once in a lifetime - build a dragon! (Katri)
19/02/06: A weekend of dragonbuilding (Antti)
18/02/06: Application factory in Aska (Tinsku)
06/02/06: Productive workshop weekend in Varkaus (Esa)
03/02/06: Esa's work in progress (Esa)
23/01/06: From Russia with love (Timo)
14/01/06: Dragonbane = Carbane? (Antti)
08/01/06: Work and play (Morgan)
03/01/06: Blackout in Blue Lake (Morgan)
25/12/05: Inspiration struck on Christmas eve (Morgan)
18/12/05: Talk and leisure in the shadow of the Dragon (Elge)
12/12/05: Technical solutions aid international team work (Morgan)
03/12/05: Measuring and test-driving the foresting machine (Antti)
02/12/05: The building of the dragon begins (Antti)
13/11/05: Rituals and games developing nicely (Morgan)
12/11/05: Tabletop play gave good ideas on propping meeting day (Esa)
11/11/05: School presentation scheduled (Anna & Esa)
02/11/05: From the outskirts of Dragonbane (Morgan)
29/10/05: Fixed participation form online (Timo)
28/10/05: On the road (Anna)
18/10/05: Paperwork (Sanni)
16/10/05: Web progress day (Timo)
15/10/05: Simultaneous fixing day (Timo)
14/10/05: Another IT build up day (Timo)
01/09/05: Crew leaves Cinderhill for Stockholm (Timo)
31/08/05: Flu and machine breakdowns somber crew mood (Timo)
30/08/05: Pathmakers in the forest (Timo)
29/08/05: Productive day of meetings and floor laying (Timo)
28/08/05: Last roof trusses up (Timo)
24/08/05: Roof trusses completed on #3
23/08/05: Rewarding day of meeting the locals (Niki)
18/08/05: Good progress on roof trusses (Esa)
17/08/05: Visitors give good advice (Esa)
16/08/05: Fixed generator results in productive day (Esa)
15/08/05: Exchange of Finns at the camp (Esa)
13/08/05: American guy visits the building camp (Esa)
12/08/05: Broken generator dampens team spirit (Esa)
11/08/05: Floor on third longhouse completed (Esa)
10/08/05: Team makes tourist trip to knife factory (Esa)
09/08/05: Team Italy stranded on bridge (Esa)
08/08/05: Secret preparations made (Esa)
07/08/05: Please visit us and say hello (Esa)