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Propping weekend in Vihti, Finland 13.5 - 15.5.2005

The Finnish Dragonbane team is organizing a propping weekend in southern Finland , in Vesikansa/Vihti, in mid-May. All interested in practical propping work or just socializing with the Dragonbane gang are warmly welcome to join up!

The place is an old community house of the local village, which means that it’s not that modern. There are no beds, no running water, there is an exotic outhouse on the woods and the place is heated with wood. But it has a sauna. ;)

The place has a large yard and plenty of space indoors to use for propping work. There’s a possibility to make a fire on the yard, if weather permits. Indoors, there’s a kitchen, dining hall, stage, backstage, large ballroom and front hall.

It would be possible to get a forge and an anvil there, but the forge needs some fixing before we can use it. And some coal. And someone to pump the air onto it. ;) Bringing tools would also be appreciated.

Civilisation is as near as Nummela, which is about 6 kilometres from Vesikansa. That is also as near you get by bus, if you come from Helsinki . If you come from Turku , you can get off in Lohjanharju, which is about 10 kilometres from the place.

Co-ordinating person for the Vesikansa propping weekend is Ensilumi. If you’re interested in joining the propping weekend, please e-mail stating which days you’d like to come, if you need a ride from somewhere, if you have Dragonbane-stuff to do that you’d need help doing and other stuff that we might need to know. Please remember to bring your own bedding and food.