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Cinderhill buildings rising!

The first building of the Cinderhill village has been completed and the foundations of the second one stand ready (pictures coming up shortly …). Our building team consisting at the moment of hardworking Finns and Swedes will soon be joined by a troop of Italians, seven people strong! With the exception of the weekend of July 22-24th we’ll be building until the end of August. So there’s still time to join us!

What do you need to bring with you?
- sleeping gear (keep in mind that temperatures can be extremely hot and pretty cool too)
- personal hygiene kit (including soap, shampoo etc)
- towel
- work clothes
- mosquito repellant
- proper shoes
- a spoon, plate, cup and stuff like that
- enough of fresh underwear ;)
- no need to bring other tools than proper working gloves, your personal knife and if you have belt axe or other belt tools
- water container (for personal consumption)

E-mail us at if you have some time to spare!