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Last prop building & costume session in Sodankylä, Finland 5-7.5.2006.

The last prop building & costume session of Dragonbane will be held in Sodankylä, Finland May 5-7, 2006. Dragonbane has gotten special funding from the Lapland section of the Finnish culture fund (Lapin maakuntarahasto) for this workshop. The project can therefore support travelling costs of a maximum of 27€/person for the first 30 players that want to be there.

The event is free of charge for all registered Dragonbane players, organizers and those interested of Dragonbane otherwise.

The Dragonbane project will also organise a free of charge accommodation (you need your basic sleeping gear anyhow) and basic food for all participants for Saturday and Sunday. Friday meals are at everyone's own expense.

Our best instructors, Anna Nummi - costumes, Heiko Romu - settings, and Esa Arbelius - props, will be there along with quite a few others. This is the last chance for players to gain experience, help and guidance from our team, as right after this weekend we'll be starting the building in Cinderhill and naturally use a lot of resources to finish the dragon, then, as well.

The workshop concentrates on Dragonbane prop construction, bone & leather work and wood work.

There's also a possibility to join the Dragonbane storage building before and after the workshop. There will also be a group travel possibility from Sodankylä to Älvdalen on 14.5.2006 to build Cinderhill. The project will cover food and travel expenses of eager builders.

For more information and registration for the workshop, please e-mail