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Witches faction also booked

The faction of witches at Dragonbane is now also fully booked, as is the dragontamers' faction. This means that we can't guarantee you a character in these factions unless we get a cancellation at a late moment. All participants who have already been allocated to these factions are guaranteed a character in the faction. New participants can create a character as a Cinderhillian or stay on a waiting list for cancellations in the other factions.

The village of Cinderhill is filling up steadily but still has space, both as Cinderhillian adepts and regular villagers.

As of today, the factions are booked as stated below:
Witches: 106%
Dragontamers: 103%
Adepts: 70%
Cinderhillians: 68%

When all factions are basically booked, the faction limits might be increased somewhat, but in proportion to their original sizes. The dragontamers' faction will in this case for gender equality reasons mainly be open for girls.

We'd like to remind participants to pay their participation fees. No increasing of the factions will be made before registered participants have submitted their fees. The registration deadline is now in three weeks. Last date for signing up is April 30th, 2006.

The Dragonbane team still has space for more character coaches, especially those willing to coach witches. Please e-mail if you're interested.