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500 participant limit exceeded

At the deadline for signing up for Dragonbane, we're happy to announce that the limit of 500 active participants, players and organizers, has been exceeded. The rush in interest of the last days made us push the deadline a couple of days to get everyone on the train before closing the doors. The fastest to catch up in amounts of participants are the Danish, the Germans and the Spanish. We're also especially looking forward to meeting our participants coming from Israel, Mexico, Russia, Ireland, Croatia and the U.S. Dragonbane is now a joint project of 19 countries. All welcome aboard!

Payments are also coming in nicely, which we are grateful for. Those who still have not payed, please do so now as we're in need of the money for building expenses and such. Those who have not payed will soon be removed from the player list and replaced by someone on the waiting list who has payed and is more eager to participate. Builders aiming for a free game by staying at the building camp for a month also need to submit their payment now, it will be refunded after the building camp is closed.

The building will start in Cinderhill in mid-May. We're still welcoming more builders, especially for the first part of the camp from mid-May to midsummer. All builders get food and lodging courtesy of the Dragonbane project and those building for a month enter the game without cost. The project can also support reasonable travel costs for builders.

Now, the characters and plots will be finalized so that participants can concentrate on practical issues such as costuming and props.

If you're organizing a workshop in your area, please let us know by sending an e-mail to and we'll pass the information on to everyone!