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05/06/06: A few more players
24/05/06: Dragonbane powers up
19/05/06: Environmental server solution
15/05/06: Electronics from regional university in Finland
12/05/06: North Calotte Council supports Dragonbane
08/05/06: Sign up closed
04/05/06: 500 participant limit exceeded
01/05/06: Sign up extended for a couple of days
28/04/06: Top material from global industrial group
27/04/06: Last tamer positions available
21/04/06: Dragon workshop every weekend
19/04/06: Summer building schedules online
18/04/06: Game schedule online
10/04/06: Witches faction also booked
09/04/06: Dragon parts in Finnish steel
08/04/06: Help wanted - PHP programmer
07/04/06: Sewing workshop in Skultuna, Sweden
03/04/06: Dragonbane testing camp over Easter
01/04/06: Pegasus gives the dragon wings
31/03/06: Dragontamer dueling video finally online
28/03/06: Cables roll in from private manufacturer
27/03/06: Dragontamers faction booked
16/03/06: Nordic Youth Cooperation Committee supports Dragonbane
15/03/06: Last prop building & costume session in Sodankylä, Finland 5-7.5.2006.
09/03/06: Turku workshop open every day
08/03/06: Witch video costuming workshop dates
19/02/06: Spicy partner from Finland
11/02/06: Sign-up and payment news
10/02/06: Website Update
09/02/06: Join the Dragonbane team – coaches, translators and metal workers needed
05/02/06: Dragonbane calendar updated
05/02/06: Player forums finally online
03/02/06: Sign up form online again
21/01/06: Traditional paint company colours Cinderhill
15/01/06: Sign up form down
13/01/06: Dragonbane prelude in the UK March 3rd-5th
08/01/06: Latex weapons from Palnatoke
02/01/06: New Year Starting Up With Content Update
24/12/05: Seasonal Greetings of Dragonbane Team
21/12/05: Stolen agregate replaced
19/12/05: Dragontamer video shot in snowy Finland
14/12/05: Leading flax company provides wax and oil
13/12/05: Costume patterns and instructions online
12/12/05: Jewelry workshop in Varkaus, Finland, in January
08/12/05: Harddrives from programming company save servers
05/12/05: Dragon hardware selected
14/11/05: Website overhaul this week
05/11/05: Honey from one man company
08/10/05: Dragonskin material from leading elastic producer
04/10/05: Dragonbane forum removed
30/09/05: Finnish Ministry of Education increases support
28/09/05: Dragonbane intranet corrupted by hostile attack
18/09/05: Building site targeted by thieves
14/09/05: Grain products from Finnish supplier
12/09/05: Dragonbane functions down on September 12th, 2005
11/09/05: Dragonbane site becomes bilingual
08/09/05: Vocational institute becomes new dragon partner
29/08/05: Building camp extended
28/08/05: Last roof trusses lifted for the winter
27/08/05: Visitor’s day huge success
26/08/05: Two new sections on the website – builders and diaries
15/08/05: Dragonbane Update August 2005
09/08/05: Character sendout started
09/08/05: Local companies support Dragonbane
18/07/05: Dragon skeleton delivered
18/07/05: Cinderhill buildings rising!
13/07/05: Fabrics saved by Finnish laundry company
13/07/05: Sign up for blacksmith workshop
06/07/05: Website update: Game location pictures + Cinderhill costumes
19/06/05: Building camp 8.7 - 15.8, sign up now!
17/06/05: Ceramics workshop July 2-3, 2005, in Finland
16/06/05: Propping weekend produced instruments (Updated)
16/06/05: Fantastic scouting trip to Älvdalen (Updated)
05/05/05: Game area contract signed with local landowners
21/04/05: Dragonbane 2005 – 2006
17/04/05: Propping weekend in Vihti, Finland 13.5 - 15.5.2005
05/04/05: Copenhagen seminar rescheduled
20/03/05: Dragonbane seminar in Copenhagen
18/03/05: Hostile attack against DB servers
08/03/05: Cellulose from major Finnish paper manufacturer
11/02/05: Sign-up form online!!
28/01/05: Plastic industry veteran gives Dragon eyes
25/01/05: Server maintenance
23/01/05: Cauldron holders from one-man company
20/01/05: Dragonbane recruits participant coaches
19/01/05: Translated Myrskyn aika available for download
17/01/05: Practical section added to website
15/01/05: Youth workshop helps building
14/01/05: Dragonbane website restructuring on Saturday, January 15th
12/01/05: Merval provides circuit board manufacturing tools
09/01/05: Rome Summit concluded
09/12/04: SFX tubes from UPM Kymmene
08/12/04: Vocational institute site of supply building
06/12/04: Design work and components from Indagon Oy
25/11/04: Nordic Culture Fund supports Dragonbane
15/11/04: Dragonbane at Russian game convention
17/10/04: Data-Info Solutions Oy and Dragonbane to co-operate in the Dragonbane IT field
01/10/04: Leading North-European electronics supplier partners up with Dragonbane
15/09/04: Suomen Huoltopalvelu Oy to help Dragon production
23/08/04: Hatching of the dragon proceeding nicely
17/08/04: Multilingual website released!
09/07/04: Oplayo provides streaming for Dragonbane website
09/07/04: Thomann new audio partner
17/06/04: Kemppi Oy supports welding of dragon
14/06/04: Sandvik and Bahco provide essential tools
28/05/04: Literature foundation supports translation of The Age of the Storm
18/05/04: Hatching of Dragon protected by F-Secure
14/05/04: Dragonbane website powered by HP
10/05/04: DB Server Down for 4h
03/05/04: Microsoft and Sverok support Dragonbane
29/04/04: New partners ensure ample harvest and huge lizard.
22/04/04: Website open for public
04/04/04: The first quarterly report for 2004

The Dragonbane project was officially launched February 19th.