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A short description of underwear

Here is a short introduction to the underwear. In Dragonbane the underwear should follow the same guidelines as the rest of the clothes, so modern clothing is not an option. When doing the underwear, remember also to follow your own faction´s basic costume guidelines, and most important: keep the right bodyfigure!

Underwear is always personal piece of clothing, and what suits for one, is maybe not good at all for another. Take enough of time for making the underwear to find what suits for you.

Do not use: Any modern underwear or modern underwear-material (Mickey Mouse prints are difficult to hide for a week, especially with the communal sleeping arrangements..) All the corsets, covered sport-tops, bra, boxers etc. are counted as offgame-clothes, and must be left in the boot camp.

Few things to remember:

Material: Best choice for underwear is smooth cotton. (it´s easy to use and quite cheap). Linen is also usable if you wash it multiple times to make it softer.

Important for Dragontamers:

Important for Witches:

Important for Cinderhillians:

Upper body

Here is some variations about how females can cover their breasts. It always easier if you can manage without anything, but we understand if you can not. The best solution considering the game is all kind of wraparounds. You can take also inspiration from the Medieval underwear.

Remember not to use any boning or modern bra-support material!

The easiest way to support the breasts is all kind of wraparounds. Basicly it is piece of cloth, which is wrapped around your upper body. (The cloth need to be long enough, atleast 5 metres, so you can wrap it multiple times.) The width depends on your cup-size, but it should be atleast 18-20 cm, up to 30 cm. Usually the wraps are easy to make, but it might take some time while dressing it up. You should try more than one variation to see what will give you the wanted end result.

Wraparounds will support the breast during daily chores and moving, but does not highlight or lift up the breast like we have used to see in our modern culture. This way the wraparounds are the best choise for underwear in Dragonbane.
It easy to make modifications to wraparounds, or even create a whole new.

Other solutions
If you feel that you need more support, some kind of top would also be an option. These needs less fabric than wraparounds, but takes more time to make. This is not recommented as the first choice. Here is two examples

This is something between the actual top and wraparound. It is easy to wear and gives more support than just the wraparound.
See the picture here
See the patterns here

Basic top
This gives almost as much support as some of our modern bra. Unfortunately at this point we do not have clearer patterns for it, but it is possible to make it by using this one.
See pattern-picture here
See the actual cloth

Lower body

Underpants should be made as comfortable as possible. Use soft materials and check that the pants are not too tight. Remember to bring enough of underpants, ones per day isn´t exaggeration.

Unfortunately we do not have any ready patterns for the underpants at this point. You can use medieval braies, or made other variations that suits to your factions guidelines. You can find pictures and patterns about braies in various medieval websites and costume books.

Many usefull tips is found in the NEST´s puclic forum, under the underwear -thread. If you have questions about the underwear, you can ask it in the NEST or by sending email to